Christian Cattan Roman, Special Education Teacher in nurturing the growth and development of children with special needs, ensuring they thrive both emotionally and academically. Amidst his professional endeavors, Christian also found joy in building a family, blessed with three remarkable children

A proud third-generation Palestinian Chilean traces his roots back to his grandparents who bravely left their homeland of Palestine in the early 20th century, bidding farewell to Bethlehem and Bet Jala. Despite the distance, they held steadfast to their Arab traditions and culture, while simultaneously embracing their new home and actively contributing to its progress and prosperity.

Infusing his Palestinian heritage into his parenting and educational approach, Christian sought to instill a rich tapestry of traditions and values in his children, thus enriching their lives and contributing positively to society.

Driven by a deep sense of connection to his Palestinian heritage, Christian, alongside his wife and daughter Macarena, has dedicated countless hours to volunteering with organizations like HCEF/KTH. Their ongoing commitment reflects a desire to give back and support the Palestinian community, honoring their ancestors and continuing a legacy of service and solidarity with the Mother Land