Join us in sponsoring the 10th  Know Thy Heritage (KTH) Delegation to “Explore & serve Palestine,” July 9th – 23th, 2022. Your support will allow Palestinians to UNITE in common cause to build the State of Palestine—to show the world the real people and power of Palestine.

This year, we celebrate 10 years of the Know Thy Heritage (KTH) Leadership initiative ! KTH has grown into a community of nearly 300 alumni who serve as Ambassadors of Palestine in the 20 countries, and 5 contents. KTH Alumni inspire and educate their peers through their grassroots advocacy work by implementing workshops, conferences, business initiatives, fundraisers, campaigns, and more. Through their diligence and dedication, our KTH Alumni elevate Palestine as a prominent player on the global stage, representing their nation with pride and conviction. As a landmark national program. Below we outline ways that you can become a part of our movement, we invite you to join us in this worthy and urgent cause by offering your support.

Receive a gift: the “Key of Palestine” for any donation over $500.00

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