Donate Today and Sponsor a Palestinian Youth to Visit Palestine

Join us in sponsoring Know Thy Heritage (KTH) Delegation to “Explore & Serve Palestine,” July 27th – August 9th, 2023. Your support will allow Palestinians to UNITE in common cause to build and Serve Palestine

Over 400 young Palestinian from 20 countries been able to live and serve Palestine! The once-in-a-lifetime experience you have the opportunity now to help another young Palestinian do the same. The best way to preserve our Palestinian heritage is to share it with others. We believe it is our responsibility to keep Palestinian history, Heritage, culture, and identity intact for coming generations so that they may have the same opportunities to connect with their roots.

Can we count on you to do one of the following?

Pledge to give $25/month for one year to bring our fellow Palestinians home, one person at a time. Flyer to share or download.

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the “Key of Palestine” for any donation over $500.00

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