On Saturday, the KTH Delegation embarked on a much anticipated KTH tradition: Family Day! On Family Day, Delegates spend the entire day with local families, learning about their lives, personal histories and communities.  For many of the Delegates, Family Day was an opportunity to reconnect with family, meeting relatives that they had never seen before in person. Others were able to get a taste of famed Palestinian hospitality, hosted by warm-hearted families eager to learn about their Palestinian brothers and sisters living in the Diaspora. The Delegates were welcomed home by families in Bethlehem, Beit Sahour, Beit Jala, Aida Refugee Camp, Ramallah, Burin, Beit Hanina, and Der Dibwan. Delegates spent the day cooking with their families, touring the city, and learning about local lives under Israeli occupation.  KTH delegate, Sara Halimeh, reflected on the day: “It was a deeply emotional day for many of us, as this was a moment when we felt deeply welcomed by Palestinians in our homeland. We played with their children, ate their food, and helped to do dishes afterward. As our journey inches closer to the end, we feel more at home than ever.”