Know Thy Heritage Honduras Association (KHA)
Empowering Palestinian Diaspora in Honduras


Know Thy Heritage Honduras Association (KHA), registered in Honduras based on the same purposes of the Mother organization, Know Thy Heritage Association in the USA as charitable, educational, and nonprofit purposes, as defined under section 501(c)(3) in according to U.S. law.



Know Thy Heritage Honduras Association (KHA), is to empower the Palestinian Diaspora in Honduras, by strengthening their knowledge of their Palestinian identity, culture, history, and traditions, as well as their understanding of the Palestinian economic environment, political landscape, social structures, and conditions, and to build a Strong and prosperous Palestinian community, in Honduras.


Despite the many challenges we face as Palestinians, both at home and abroad, KTH continues to produce bold results in building young Palestinian Leadership globally and now wishes to build upon that success to engage further the Palestinian diaspora at large in Honduras. Taking advantage of the diverse professional background and the comprehensive skill set these Diaspora bring to the organization, KHA wishes to engage Palestinian Hondurans in advocacy to establish a Palestinian Honduran Community & the development of Palestine in specific areas within their business acumen, which currently include areas like finance, law, engineering, medicine, communications including traditional and social media, information technology, and beyond.


KTH Goals for Honduras

KTHs Outreach in Honduras will target two groups of people:

  • Hondurans of non-Palestinian origin.
  • Diaspora Palestinian-Hondurans.

Goals for Each group:

  1. Hondurans:
    1. Advocacy programs for Palestine by Hondurans, engaging in activities and advocacy for Palestine and with Palestinians.
    2. Pilgrimage programs.
    3. Support people in need when funding is available or raise funds.
    4. Public relations programs for Honduras to improve the Palestinian-Honduran image and highlight the important contributions that Palestinian Diaspora gives to Honduras.
  2. Diaspora Palestinians
    1. Build a Network of Palestinians in Hondurans & Connect them to Palestine by the following means:
      1. Empower the Palestinian diaspora to advocate for Palestine by providing them with education, information, and tools.
      2. Promote business & investment opportunities in Palestine.
      3. Fundraise A) for the sustainability of the organization. B) for specific projects & activities to serve Palestinians in Palestine.
      4. Strengthen their Palestinian Identity.
      5. Develop and strengthen their relationship with the Palestinians in Palestine, Latin America, and globally.
  1. Know Thy Heritage, Leadership Program

    1. Recruit.
    2. Fundraise for the organization that includes the Journey.
    3. Build Youth Network in Honduras.
    4. Connect KTH Honduras alumni to alumni in other countries.

Strategic Approach

Aligned with KTH’s mission of creating a legion of diaspora leaders who are rooted in Palestinian culture, history, and traditions and who are devoted to serving as ambassadors of peace and justice internationally, this program will provide structure and resources to the Honduran network to create tangible opportunities to build a more robust and prosperous Palestinian community.  To do so, this program will focus on three core pillars, as presented below.



  • Connect the Honduran community at large to support Palestine.
  • Strengthen the perpetual link KTH creates amongst diaspora Palestinians and relevant stakeholders in Palestine to leverage opportunities that grow Palestine’s economic, social, cultural, and political outlook.
  • Empower the Palestinian Diaspora in Honduras and KTH alumni to reach out to broader diaspora groups and individuals to collaborate and multiply the efforts to build a strong and prosperous Palestinian-Honduran Community.
  • Connect the Palestinian diaspora in Honduras to their roots.



  • Empower the diaspora to share knowledge and resources and promote learning opportunities within the Palestinian context to increase awareness of their challenges and enable them to speak and act in support of the Palestinian cause.
  • Prepare Hondurans/Palestinians to engage in the political arena as part of the community and work from within the Political system.
  • Contribute to Honduran development through the Palestinian Diaspora
  • Create opportunities to find and encourage supporters to join their mission of building the Honduran-Palestinian Community.
  • Energize and leverage the Palestinian Diaspora to represent their homeland, and promote peace, prosperity, and human rights for all Palestinians.
  • Guide Honduran-Palestinian efforts to support the Palestinian media through visual and print media.


  • Create networking opportunities to allow diaspora groups to connect with businesses in Palestine and help them expand and diversify their business opportunities and facilitate the natural transfer of knowledge and resources to grow beyond their current
  • Showcase the Palestinian and diaspora markets and leverage under-utilized resources within these markets to match investments and create win-win opportunities for Palestinian and diaspora investment groups.

We are strategically positioned to become the natural bridge between all stakeholders who care and fight for the Palestinian cause, whether they live in Palestine or around the world. We dream of a strong Palestinian community in Honduras and worldwide. With your help, we could reach the tipping point and become a movement propelled by the momentum of the many eyes that lived too long in despair. It takes much work and slow progress to bring ourselves to that tipping point. It takes courage to challenge the status quo and change a system built for oppression. We believe that we can become an unstoppable movement with our vision and your support. We hope you join our efforts as we build the Palestinian community of our dreams.


KTH Honduras Members of the Board of Directors

  • Adolfo Facusse, Chairman
  • Sara Antunez Nazar, Esq.
  • Adriana Andonie, Secretary
  • Carmen Maria Miselem
  • Alejandro Bandes
  • Jorge Daccarett


Advisory Board

  • Maria del Carmen Nasser,
  • Monica Kafie
  • Diana De Hasbun
  • Maria Elena Kafati Mourra


Short term plans

  1. Registering KTH Inc. as a branch in Honduras.
  2. Mapping the Palestinian Diaspora community in Honduras.
  3. Educational presentation in person or by Zoom about Palestine, KTH, and the cause in general.
  4. Promote KTH Journey 2023 for July 27 – 09 August.
  5. Develop family trips to Palestine.
  6. Develop pilgrimages to Palestine the Holy Land.
  7. Develop a fundraising strategy in Honduras.
  8. Develop an administrative plan for KHA.
  9. Develop KHA Board of Directors and Advisory Board and criteria for Both boards!