KTH, Inc. seeks to empower Diaspora from around the world by offering opportunities to become actively involved in the movement for a vibrant and flourishing Palestine. Below is a list of our programs and initiatives.

  1. Know Thy Heritage (KTH) Leadership Program to “Explore and Live Palestine” offers Diaspora Palestinians aged 18-30+ (upper age is flexible) the opportunity to strengthen their knowledge of their Palestinian identity, culture, history, and traditions, as well as their understanding of Palestinian economic, political and social conditions. Over the course of a two and a half week educational tour, our KTHers bear witness to the lives of their fellow Palestinians, learning about their challenges, their struggles and their successes, but most importantly, about how to get involved. For many of them, this is the first time they have ever set foot in the land of their ancestors. The KTH journey is a life-changing experience that has a deep and lasting impact. 
  2. KTH Summer Camp offers Diaspora Palestinians aged 15-18 the opportunity to learn about their homeland alongside their Palestinian peers. The one-month summer program helps young Palestinians to foster a connection with Palestine in a fun and engaging way.
  3. Diaspora Homecoming Journey invites Diaspora Palestinians of all ages to embark on a family friendly educational tour of Palestine. During the tour, participants explore their identity and expand their understanding of the Palestinian context and reconnect them to their roots.
  4. Hand in Hand is an educational tour geared toward those who are just beginning to learn about Palestine as well as for those who have a general academic knowledge of Palestine but seek to deepen their understanding. The tour takes a “101” approach, partnering with organizations and institutions to increase awareness of the Palestinian context among those of non-Palestinian origin.
  5. The Annual Palestinian Diaspora Conference gathers Palestinians from around the world in Palestine to discuss the nation’s challenges and to build a plan of action for its continued development. As one of the only conferences of its kind in Palestine, it offers an important platform for international dialogue and collaborative planning among Palestinians, and now serves as a key component of the KTH Leadership Program.
  6. KTH Advocacy allows program participants (KTH Alumni) to leverage their power and influence by advocating on behalf of Palestine in their respective countries of residence as well as in the international arena. Through various formal and informal channels, as well as through social media such as #iamPalestine, KTH Alumni work together to ensure that Palestine remains on the hearts and minds of the international community.
  7. Palestinian Surprises is an online community that raises awareness about Palestinian achievements and combats negative stereotypes. The website and its related social media outlets (Facebook, twitter) are managed entirely by KTH Alumni. Visit the website at palestiniansurprises.com.
  8. Know Thy Heritage Internship/Volunteer Placement Program offers KTH Alumni the opportunity to intern/volunteer at various organizations throughout Palestine, allowing them to deepen their knowledge of Palestine while also contributing to its development.