On January 21, 2024, Know Thy Heritage (KTH) took strides in fostering a lasting connection between the Palestinian diaspora and Palestine itself to preserve and enrich Palestinian advocacy, business, heritage, and culture. In pursuit of these objectives, KTH organized a roundtable discussion event titled “The Nation-Building Role of Palestinian Youth.” This event, led by Palestinians from Palestine and 10 countries across the diaspora, brought together dedicated professionals to explore the pivotal role of Palestinians in advancing and contributing to the nation-building process.

Successfully gathering participants from 10 countries spanning 4 continents, KTH facilitated a diverse exchange of perspectives on the topic. Hosted by Rateb Rabie, KTH President and CEO, the event aimed to instill hope and uplift the spirits of Palestinians amidst challenging times. Mr. Rabie emphasized KTH’s commitment to creating partnerships, encouraging volunteering in various sectors, and developing programs to achieve a sovereign State of Palestine.

Keynote speakers addressed essential aspects of nation-building, encompassing economic growth, development, investment, and social actions such as cultural preservation, youth engagement, and volunteerism. KTH Alumni Reem Eldabagh, Chair of the KTH Shadow Board of Directors, introduced the six speakers—three from Palestine and three from the diaspora. To read more about each speaker, please visit our website.

Speakers like Nisreen Musleh, founder of RITAJ Managerial Solutions, shed light on the struggles in the West Bank and emphasized the diaspora’s increasing engagement in volunteering opportunities. Cultural producer Odette Yidi, born in Colombia, highlighted the role of education and cultural awareness, drawing on her rich volunteering experience in Palestine through KTH.

Youth activist Shatha Rehan focused on the dire situation in Gaza, emphasizing the importance of education for sustainable development. Naya Aladias, a KTH alumna and Retail Executive, underscored community building and collaboration with other diaspora groups. IT sector leader Ala Alaeddin discussed obstacles facing Palestine’s IT sector and showcased the Palestine Diaspora Network’s initiatives. Moe Iftaiha, a KTH Alumni Leader and Board Member emphasized the significance of organizations like KTH in advocating for economic development in Palestine. He also discussed Peleset Angels, a non-profit supporting Palestinian startups.

The event included a reflection on Gaza, paying respect to the martyrs, and expressing solidarity with the wounded and the people of Gaza. KTH 2024 delegate Mohammed Zayid highlighted the diaspora’s central role in the Palestinian cause. The collective commitment showcased at the event addressed multifaceted approaches, serving as a call for sustained advocacy, financial support, and mutual efforts toward a free and thriving Palestine. KTH, at the forefront, guides the course for a brighter future.

During the event, participants had the opportunity to listen to the video song “Children of Gaza, Cry for Justice,” which was written, composed, and produced by KTH alumna Monique Hasbun in honor of the resilient children of Gaza.