KTH’s, Past, Present, and Future
KTH Alumni, and Delegates Round Table Discussion

The KTH program stands out as a highly successful initiative, unique in its offering as the only Palestinian Birthright initiative, boasting over twelve years of impactful operation. With a network of more than 450 alumni from the Palestinian diaspora, spanning 25 countries across five continents, KTH has made significant strides. Your support can propel us towards improving our worldwide movement of Palestinians dedicated to serving their nation on a global scale. Moreover, KTH has played a crucial role in deepening delegates’ comprehension of Palestinian culture, as well as the economic, political, and intricate social landscapes that shape the lives of Palestinians.
KTH has established itself as a key resource and point of connection for the Palestinian diaspora by actively serving and engaging with them.

1. Did KTH change your perspective about Palestine, and how?
2. As alumni, how have you supported Palestine and KTH? Share a success story from your experiences?
3. What ongoing support do you expect from KTH to aid your endeavors?
4. What skills and talents from KTH members could help achieve our Goals?
5. When did you experience the strongest connection to KTH and Palestine?
6. Should we consider revisiting KTH’s mission, goals, and programs?
7. How can we motivate KTH alumni to collaborate towards our common goals?
8. What strategy and approach should be developed to establish KTH as the central hub for the Palestinian diaspora across all generations?
9. Conclusion, where do we go from here?

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