On the eighth day of their journey, the KTH Delegation visited Nablus. Their first stop was to the Samaritan region, where Delegates learned about the Samaritans’ efforts to preserve their dwindling community, which has existed there for over 2,500 years. With roughly 300 members living on Mt. Gerizim, the community continues to live under military occupation near an Israeli settlement. Afterward, Delegates toured various religious sites, among them, Jacobs well, the location of Jesus’ encounter with the Samaritan woman. There, the delegates had the opportunity to drink from the “living water” as well as test the depths of the 40-meter well. The delegates later toured Nablus’ Old City, taking in local history and visiting sites important to local culture and social life. Afterward, the Nablus Governorate hosted the Delegates for lunch where they met with local youth and were encouraged to keep their passion and creativity burning as they continue on in their various life paths. Their day ended with a taste of Nablus’ world famous dessert, Kannafeh.