• Enhance Diaspora understanding of Palestine and its culture, as well as its economic, political, and social contexts through field visits, lectures, and meetings with influential Palestinians.
  • Create a perpetual link between Diaspora, Allies and Palestine so as to preserve and enhance Palestinian heritage and culture.
  • Foster connections and build relationships between Diaspora and Palestinians who reside in Palestine.
  • Promote Palestine as a priority destination for all Palestinians.
  • Strengthen the concept of Palestine as the land of opportunity, investment and sanctity.
  • Facilitate a network of Diaspora who can work together for the betterment of Palestine and for the well-being of all Palestinians wherever they reside.



  • A Palestinian national project
  • Interfaith
  • A cultural education
  • A team effort
  • A way to give back
  • A community
  • An experience for life
  • Highly anticipated in Palestine
  • Making Ambassadors of Peace
  • Building the new state of Palestine
                A     HOMECOMING!