Mr. Talal Borno was born in 1947 in Gaza where he was raised until his teen years. At the American University of Beirut, where he earned his bachelor’s degree of civil engineering in 1976, he was President of the Civic Welfare League that took the students’ council responsibility during the Lebanese Civil War. He lived in Kuwait where he worked and partnered with his family in a commercial and industrial company until 1990. He later immigrated to the United States and has his own company. Mr. Borno lives in Charlotte, NC, with his wife Reem, who is also an engineer. Both are the proud parents of four daughters – all holders of graduate and post-graduate degrees. Mr. Borno is the President of the Palestinian American Community Center (PACC) and Member of the Board of Directors of the Arab American Council of the Carolinas. He is closely associated with several organizations that serve the community and the homeland cause.