The recent interview on Chilean TV Arabic Roots featuring Sir Rateb Rabie, KCHS, President & CEO of Know Thy Heritage (KTH) and the Holy Land Christian Ecumenical Foundation (HCEF) during his visit to Chile, provided a profound exploration of pertinent topics. Conducted in English and subtitled in Spanish, the discussion offered valuable insights from Sir Rateb on the current circumstances, challenges, and developments in the region.
The interview delved into the rich history and evolution of HCEF and KTH, shedding light on its pivotal role in fostering unity and progress within the Palestinian diaspora, particularly in the USA and Chile. Sir Rateb also conveyed a heartfelt message to the Chilean people, underscoring the significance of cultural exchange and understanding.
Arabic Roots, boasting over 22 years of experience, stands as a trailblazer in cultural entertainment, dedicated to showcasing Arab culture in Chile. Through platforms like Arabic Roots, meaningful dialogues such as this interview serve to bridge cultural divides and foster mutual understanding on a global scale.