• KTH 10th Conference August 5th 2023 Program

  • Send a Palestinian Youth home for 25$/Month

    KTH is calling on You to help connect our youth to their roots

  • “I was very fortunate to experience this

    a life changing experience I would not forget. Once Palestine enters your heart, you’ll never let it leave.” – Sumaia E.

  • “Through my experience with KTH,

    I saw that there is so much more to Palestine than meets the eye. I learned that Palestine is a diverse land full of people of all backgrounds and that inspired me to one day come back and connect more with my people and land.” – Danna Q.

  • “Palestine was a rollercoaster of emotions!

    From visiting beautiful cities and villages, to learning about the occupation and listening to firsthand accounts of those who experience it every day, to sharing meals with new friends and enjoying the wonders of Palestinian hospitality, this journey was perfect. I will be back!!” – Stephanie Z.

  • “I felt safe and at home with the KTH group

    This trip gave me more experience than I could have ever acquired watch videos online at home, it developed in me a deep love for my father’s homeland and the people I met there.” – Jano F.

  • “I am no longer afraid of saying

    that I am from Palestine.” – Nadia S.

  • “This program has changed my life.

    I am Chilean, but my blood and heart are Palestinian.” – Yasmine A.

  • “Our culture is our home.

    That is what I discovered here.” – Yousef B.

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