Zoom Round Table Discussion on
The Nation-Building Role of Palestinian Youth
in Palestine and the Diaspora

When: Sunday, January 21, 2024
Time: 12:00noon EST 7:00pm Palestine time
Rsvp: By January 19, 2024,

In KTH continuous efforts to create a perpetual link between Diaspora, Allies and Palestine to preserve and enhance Palestinian, advocacy, Business, heritage and culture KTH will be holding several discussions and workshops to achieve its goals.

The Nation-Building Role of Palestinian Youth, in Palestine and the Diaspora
Round table discussion.

Palestine develops from the common vision, joint action, and resources of many who care about their homeland and the solidarity and support of their friends from around the world. The Palestinian Diaspora brings a wealth of experience and expertise as well as a huge network of committed professionals who can play a significant role in a variety of fields, including business, advocacy, and culture. This roundtable, consisting of youth from Palestine and the Diaspora, will examine how the youth can work together to support Palestine’s growth and development.

Will discuss: 1. Reflection and the effect of the Israeli assault on Gaza 2. What steps should be taken in support Palestine’s growth and development 3. Investment in Palestine 4. Volunteering opportunities 5. How to visit and serve Palestine.

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