Afife is a development practitioner with over six years of experience in the non-profit sector. She graduated with distinction from the University of Manchester (UK), with an MSc. in International Development, Public Policy and Management and has worked for different NGOs such as Plan International, World Vision and the Pan-American Development Foundation, in fund-raising and management of development interventions aimed at positively impacting the promotion and protection of human rights of different vulnerable groups.

Afife is very active in her local and global community and has volunteered in El Salvador, Nicaragua and the United Kingdom, in addition to her volunteer work she is also active in various networks and associations, such as the Chevening Alumni Network, the Know Thy Heritage Leadership Program Alumni and the Salvadorian Palestinian Association.

Afife is a passionate Palestinian living in the diaspora and an active member of the Palestinian Salvadorian community, who works, along with other fellow Salvadorian Palestinians, towards justice in Palestine.

Afife was born in El Salvador to Palestinian parents and currently lives in El Salvador.