Palestinians Birthright Initiative

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Over the past ten years, the Know Thy Heritage (KTH) Leadership Program has grown into a global movement, connecting Palestinian youth in the diaspora to their shared homeland by building a network of advocates to collaboratively work together for the unification of Palestinians. With over 350 alumni from 20 countries and 5 continents. Building on the success of this leadership program, the KTH has transitioned into a standalone organization (Know Thy Heritage, INC.).

To create a legion of Diaspora leaders who are rooted in Palestinian culture, history and traditions, and who are devoted to serving as Ambassadors of Peace and Justice internationally.


  • Enhance Diaspora understanding of Palestine to facilitate a network to work together for the betterment of Palestine.
  • Create a perpetual link between Diaspora, Allies and Palestine to preserve and enhance Palestinian heritage and culture.
  • Foster connections and build relationships between Diaspora and Palestinians who reside in Palestine; strengthen the concept of Palestine as land of opportunity & sanctity.
  • Promote Palestine as a priority destination for all Palestinians.

Key Programs:

  • Know Thy Heritage (KTH) Leadership Program offers Diaspora Palestinians aged 18-35+the opportunity to strengthen their knowledge & understanding of their Palestinian identity by traveling to Palestine to learn more about the history, culture, economic and political and social conditions of Palestine.
  • Diaspora Homecoming Journey invites Diaspora Palestinians of all ages to embark on a family friendly educational tour of Palestine. During the tour, participants explore their identity and expand their understanding of the Palestinian context and reconnect them to their roots.
  • Hand in Hand an educational tour for those eager to learn about Palestine the tour takes a “101” approach, partnering with organizations and institutions to increase awareness of the Palestinian context.
  • Future Business Leaders works to establish a mechanism that allows structured opportunities for businesspeople and venture capitalists living in the diaspora to invest in Palestinian entrepreneurship and enterprises. Through the program, we seek to educate diaspora Palestinians about investment opportunities in Palestine, promote the import/export of Palestinians products, and gain insight into the nuances of the diaspora markets abroad so as to promote investment and create job opportunities.
  • Annual Palestinian Diaspora Conference gathers Palestinians globally to help address the challenges of Palestine to help support its continued development.
  • Leveraging social media by Know thy heritage #iamPalestine and Palestinian Surprises and creating an online community to raise awareness on Palestinian achievements and combats negative stereotypes.
  • Know Thy Heritage Internship/Volunteer Placement Program offers KTH Alumni the opportunity to intern/volunteer at various organizations throughout Palestine, allowing them to deepen their knowledge of Palestine while also contributing to its development.