Please answer the following questions by circling the number on a scale from 1-5:

5 Strongly Agree
4 Agree
3 Somewhat Agree
2 Disagree
1 Strongly Disagree

*Please provide further explanation in the space provided below question*

Application Process

1- The application process was easily accessible and straight forward(Required)
2- The application was easy to submit(Required)
3- The KTH Team was available to answer my questions about the program(Required)

KTH Logistics/ Journey

1- The KTH Team prepared me for the trip prior to departure(Required)
2- KTH program Guidelines rules and regulations were clearly outlined an effectively communicated(Required)
3- I felt safe and secure throughout the trip(Required)
4- I spent sufficient time at each site as to appreciate what it offered(Required)
5- I had the opportunity to meet Individuals, local officials and community leaders(Required)
6- The itinerary was well-crafted and balanced between sites, meeting with local Palestinians, touring local organizations and businesses, and enjoying cultural activities(Required)
7- The KTH Leadership (Delegation Leaders and Coordinators) were respectful, professional, informative, and courteous throughout the journey(Required)

Please rate the following activities (5 being most enjoyable - 1 being least enjoyable):

1- Activities in Jordan(Required)
2- Entering to Palestine(Required)
3- Visit to Jerusalem(Required)
4- Aida Refugee Camp(Required)
5- Visit to Ramallah(Required)
6- Visit to Bethlehem(Required)
7- Apartheid Wall(Required)
8- Rawabi City(Required)
9- Visit to Iqrit(Required)
10- Visit to Palestine 1948 Akka, Haifa and Nazareth(Required)
11- Visit to Hebron(Required)
12- Visit to Nablus(Required)
13- Visit to Jerico(Required)

Please provide your answers to the following questions:

7- Would you be interested to be a KTH leader the future?(Required)
11- Which of the following activities will you conduct to support and grow KTH? (Check all that apply.)(Required)

Please answer the following regarding the 9th Annual Palestinian Diaspora Conference

Please give your impression of the following conference elements, with 1 indicating a poor impression, and 4 indicating an excellent impression.

Closing Ceremony(Required)
Opportunities to participate(Required)
Networking opportunities(Required)