Homecoming Journey

Through this Homecoming Journey, you will reconnect with your past and rediscover your heritage. This journey is about you and your history. It is about coming home that you belong to. Join us as we explore the land of our ancestors and the spiritual and historic sites, but more importantly, you will connect with the people—your Palestinian family. Through this Journey, you will:

  • Explore your Palestinian heritage, culture and history.
  • Experience the beauty and diversity of Palestine’s landscape
  • Gain access to exclusive sites not offered anywhere else
  • Participate in social and cultural events with local families
  • Hear from inspiring local and global leaders and people working for justice, and peace
  • This is your opportunity to come home in a life-changing way

Day 1 – Saturday, July 13 – Arrive to the Holy Land

Arrive to the holy land, all visitors should check in at Hotel in Ramallah by 5:00 pm. If you are traveling to Tel Aviv. Hotel name will be announced when visitors signed up.

Special arrangement for visitors coming through Jordan for more information please contact Andrew Griswold, Pilgrimage Manager at pilgrimage@hcef.org. Dinner and Overnight in Ramallah

Day 2 – Sunday July 14 – Ramallah

After Breakfast, we will drive to Ramallah and visit the Memorial of Palestinian President Yasser Arafat, then proceed to the National Museum and meet with local officials. After lunch in Birzeit, we will have a tour of the Rawabi planned community Dinner and Overnight in Ramallah.


Day 3 – Monday, July 15 – Jerusalem

After breakfast, we go in to Jerusalem for a visit to the Dome of the Rock, Al Aqsa and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.  We will then walk through the narrow alleys and bazaars of the Old City to enjoy and tour the old city of Jerusalem, and we will meet with some of the local citizens.   Dinner and overnight in Ramallah.


Day 4 – Tuesday, July 16 – Hebron

This morning after breakfast, we will drive to Hebron to visit the Abraham Mosque. Then we will have a tour in the Old City of Hebron and also visit some of the factories in the city, including the well-known ceramic and glass factories. Dinner and Overnight in Ramallah.


Day 5 – Wednesday, July 17 – Bethlehem / Jericho

After early breakfast, we will stop by Khirbet Al Najjar in the Cremisan Valley, where we will see the expansion of settlement and their effect on Bethlehem. Continue to Beir Onah where landowners have lost their lands behind the annexation wall. After a visit to Bethlehem University, we will have a tour of Nativity Church after lunch we will then continue into the Jordan Valley to Jericho, where we will reflect on Gospel scenes such as Zacchaeus climbing the sycamore tree and the healing of Bartimaeus’ blindness. We will take time to consider the temptations of Jesus, as we view the Monastery of Temptation on the summit of the Mount of Temptation.  Dinner and Overnight in Ramallah.

Day 6 – Thursday, July 18 – Nablus/ Jenin

After breakfast, we will drive to the town of Nablus (Neapolis) which was founded in 72 AD by the Flavian Emperors as part of the Roman dynasty, built on the northern slope of Mount Gerizim. We will visit Jacob’s Well and take a tour of Nablus’ Old City, then visit Bullata Refugee camp. After lunch, we will travel to Sebastia, where we will see the Roman tombs, a Hellenistic Tower and the Herodion Gate Towers. Dinner and overnight in Jenin.

Day 7 – Friday, July 19 – Iqrit/ Nazareth

In the morning we will drive north to Iqrit, a Palestinian village destroyed in 1948, to meet with some of the citizens working to preserve the village and its heritage. After lunch continue to Nazareth where we will visit the Basilica of the Annunciation, and the White Mosque near the old market. Dinner and Overnight in Nazareth.


Day 8 – Saturday, July 20 – 8th Diaspora Conference at Birzeit University

Today we will go to the campus of Birzeit University near Ramallah, to take part in the 8th Palestine Diaspora Conference with the 2019 Know Thy Heritage Delegation. Dinner and Overnight in Ramallah.



Day 9 – Sunday, July 21 – depart the holy land.

We can also arrange for you to extend your stay beyond the organized journey to personally explore your roots!

This itinerary subject to change without notice.