Know Thy Heritage (KTH) and Palestine Techno Park (PTP) have entered a partnership memorandum of understanding (MOU) to pave a promising way forward in serving Palestine through the Palestinian diaspora.  The plan outlines ways in which KTH and PTP can work collaboratively with local partners and globally to make a positive impact on Palestinian business, social and civic organizations, focusing on startups especially by women in Gaza and the West Bank.

The development of Palestine is a testament to the collective vision, collaborative efforts, and contributions of individuals who are deeply invested in their homeland, along with the solidarity and support from Palestinian diaspora. The Palestinian Diaspora brings a wealth of experience, expertise, and a vast network of dedicated professionals across various fields such as, advocacy, finance, law, engineering, medicine, communications including traditional and social media, and information technology,

KTH, ( ) is a USA nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation. Initially a leadership initiative, KTH has evolved into a global movement, linking Palestinian diaspora members with their ancestral homeland. It aims to create a network of advocates who collaborate towards the unity of Palestinians. KTH also endeavors to establish a structured mechanism facilitating investment opportunities for businesspeople and venture capitalists within the diaspora to support Palestinian entrepreneurship and enterprises.

The PTP ( )is a non-profit research and innovation technology hub committed to fostering entrepreneurship in technology and innovation. It aims to empower Palestinian youth, women, and entrepreneurs in Palestine. Its holistic approach encompasses providing vital physical infrastructure, impactful entrepreneurship programs, and state-of-the-art Innovation Labs and Hubs. Additionally, by tapping into the expertise and knowledge of the Palestinian diaspora, PTP aims to uplift Palestine comprehensively.

PTP and KTH eagerly anticipate future collaborative efforts, aiming to expand partnerships with companies, institutions, and NGOs worldwide. This expansion aims to enhance outsourcing to local Palestinian talents and provide internship/volunteer placement opportunities across various organizations throughout Palestine. These initiatives will enable individuals to deepen their understanding of Palestine while actively contributing to its development. To accomplish this, conferences, webinars, and delegations will be organized.

For more information contact in the USA and/or in Palestine